Teen Rally



BRIEFING REPORT: CIA operatives Eric and Kris keep running into FBI agents Micaiah and Rachel (see example below). In an effort to stop this rivalry, CIA Director Labadorf and FBI Chief Labadorf designed three days of competition to see which team is more effective. As a result, the CIA and FBI are looking for recruits to help them in the competition.

 LOCATION: 2703 spartanburg hwy, east flat rock, nc 28726

AGENTS: youth from 12-18 years old

DATE: july 13 2016 - july 15 2016

TIME: 1830-2030 (6:30PM-8:30PM)

ACTIVITIES: Intense espionage games, agent trivia, Bible study and great food!




CIA Agent E looked out of his hiding place from the black car. He checked his watch: "10:32." Still no movement from the house across the street. He was well hidden from the peering eyes of others and was situated in a way that avoided suspicion. He checked his coordinates once more.

His partner Agent K silently opened the door and slid into the seat next to him. "Anything?"  She asked handing him another cup of black coffee. "No." He replied still eyeing the house, holding his steaming styrofoam cup. He looked down at his watch, "10:35."

"Time to radio the chief." He said and pressed a button on his watch. Speaking into the face he stated: "This is the Baker reporting in at the gingerbread house. Over.”

Suddenly, a light flickered on in the house they were watching. It blinked a few more times as if giving a signal, and then it went out. In an instant the whole block lost power. Across the street the agents saw a shadowy figure emerging out the bushes. Agents E and K were about to move in, when a spotlight shone down from the sky and a megaphone voice thundered from the approaching helicopter:

         “Stop, this is the FBI,” a voice thundered down.

Agent E said, “I knew it! They are going to ruin our mission again!” 

Agent K jumped out of the car and ran towards the escaping figure, armed with her weapon, her finger on the trigger. Agent E had made it to the side of the house, his pistol in hand. However, the streets were now swarming with FBI agents and the shadowy figure escaped amidst the confusion of a divided task force and disappeared into the dark street.

Agent E and K were headed towards their black car in a hurry to track down the escaped fugitive, when they were stopped short. Two FBI agents approached and stated: "Well, well. If it isn’t CIA agents Eric and Kris. Why exactly are you here?"

"You already seem to know that answer, Agent R." Agent E replied.

“Well, I see we are none the wiser for not catching Professor Black now are we, thanks to you.”  Agent R replied coldly.

"If you had not shown up with your usualy fan-fare, we may have caught him." Agent K responded, clearly perturbed.

"He is on US soil, Agent E, hence all the so-called 'fan-fare' and this incident could cost you your job." Agent M retorted.

“No." Agent E responded. "It is our job because he is an international terrorist.”

Both parties walked off, clearly frustrated and unwilling to mention this incident to their superiors.

Agent K slammed the door to the car as she got in and said: “Those guys really get on my nerves. We have to talk to Director L and see if there is a way to prove that we are better at our work than those FBI agents.”

“Agreed. Let’s bring this up” answered Eric. “We need to settle this once and for all!”