Ask the Pastor

Ask the Pastor
The next ask the pastor session will be July 21st

  • Are you facing a life challenge for which you need biblical advice?
  • Are you or is someone you know facing a perplexing situation or a difficult decision?
  • Is there a verse of the Bible that seems hard to understand?
  • Have you read or heard a teaching that didn't sound quite right?
  • Do you have a question about how to apply a biblical principle?

There are Bible answers to questions like these. You may submit your question(s) online, on paper, or in person. 

Please note that this is called "Ask the Pastor" not "Stump the Pastor." It is an opportunity for anyone to ask any sincere question on any topic. Preference will be given to questions submitted in advance and questions that apply more broadly to the congregation at large. Questions of a personal nature are better discussed privately with the pastor.


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