Helpful Links

The presence of a link does not imply unqualified endorsement of the contents of the website or of other works by the author or publisher. Because all human authors and content creators are fallible, biblical discernment is essential.

Bible Study Websites - Lookup by passage or search on a word, display various Bible versions. - Bible study resources including commentaries and Bible dictionaries. - Browse the Bible in various versions. Use the "tools" icon to enable Strongs concordance numbers. Click on a word to see the Strongs definition. - To Lookup a word in Strongs concordance, click on the "Grk/Heb" tab on the right panel and then double click to select a word in the English version on the left panel. - A helpful repository of Bible study helps including commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and Bible encyclopedias.

Sermon Audio

This link takes you to the Grace Baptist Church homepage where you can locate, stream, and download GBC sermons. The GBC broadcaster ID is "gbcefr."

Other Resources

New2Jesus - Resources for new believers

The Wilds Christian Camp - Located near Rosman, NC, about 1+ hour from GBC.

Institute for Creation Research - creation science resources, technical papers, and helpful information.